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Maintenance Tips

last updated @ November, 2020


Heating and Air Conditioning:
All heating and air conditioning systems were replaced in 2013 following Sandy. Be aware that virtually all of these modern units are sensitive to pressure increase in the blower systems if the filters are not changed on a regular basis. Goodman advises every 30 to 60 days during the heating and cooling seasons. Other manufacturers will have their own schedules. Goodman filters are 20"X20" and readily available at Home Depot, etc.

Crawl Space and Sump Pumps:
Unit owners are reminded to periodically check their crawlspaces to verify that there is no flooding due to a faulty sump pump, which is the responsibility of the owner.

Waste Management
Garbage is collected twice per week.

Plastic bags are not accepted in recycle. They are considered garbage.

Cardboard boxes should be flattened and broken down, and placed neatly directly behind dumpster.

Bulk items (newsprint, magazines) should be placed in special area near tennis courts.

Landscaping debris should be left on the street side of the tennis courts near the transformer.

Contractors are required to remove their debris as part of the work authorization.

Proof of Insurance is obtained via www.eoidirect.com or by calling (877) 456-3643.

Storage "POD's"
Use of temporary storage is restricted to 30 day maximum, the the Property Management office must be notified prior to delivery.

Unit owners are reminded that changes to Patios or other aspects of external structures need prior approval of the Property Management office and the SPN Board.

Unit owners are responsible for maintaining their balconies/decks. Detailed documentation has been provided to facilitate your efforts.

Click here for Dec-Tec Care and Maintenance Guide

Dryer Vents:
Unit owners are responsible for maintaining a clean dryer vent. This is to prevent a hazard of the lint catching on fire.  An Association policy requires that it be maintained in a clean condition and that every 5 years, the owner send a compliance notification to our Property Maintenance office.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors:
Unit owners are responsible for at least a smoke detector downstairs and a smoke/carbon monoxide outside bedroom(s).  It is recommended to change batteries annually and periodically check for proper operation.

Outside Crawl Space Ventilation: The outside vents should be open for the 3 warmer seasons to provide ventilation to the crawl space but closed in the winter to conserve heat and provide a warmer first floor.

Community Snow Removal Procedures:

Once a snow storm has commenced we ask that no vehicles be parked on the roadways, but rather in parking spot. Failure to do so may result in your vehicle being towed.

If a snow storm exceeds 6 inches, the association’s contractor will make a pass of the roadways so that emergency vehicles have access to the community and every 6 inches after that.

Snow clearing will begin only once the storm has ended.

The contractor will clear the walkways and plow the roadways.

When you hear the contractor in your area we ask that you dig out your car and move it so that he the contractor can clear the parking spaces.

In order for the contractor to clear parking spaces, cars on either side of yours need to be moved as well for safety reasons.

We ask that neighbors help each other in order to facilitate this process.

Once the contractor has completed clearing the snow they will salt the roadways and apply calcium chloride to the walkways.

At this time they have completed their job and if the community has to request them to return it costs the community more money.

If the storm ends during the middle of the night they will return the following day to clear the parking spots so we ask that residents move their cars.

We also ask that residents keep a supply of calcium chloride on hand to put down on their own walkways if they are slippery in an effort to save the community added expenses.

We ask that unit owners who rent their units to provide their tenants with a copy of this bulletin.

Should you have any questions about these procedures or any snow related issues, please contact the management office.